East Tennessee Dachshund Races

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August 17, 2019
Chester Frost Park
2318 Gold Point Circle S
Hixon, TN 37343

All proceeds benefit  Tennessee Dachshund Rescue
A 501(c)3 based in middle Tennessee.

More Information

Chester Frost Park - Pavilion
2277 Gold Point Cir N
Hixson, Tennessee 37343

The East Tennessee Dachshund Races was founded in 2018 as a circuit race of the National Dachshund Circuit Races.  We are all volunteers.  The Races benefit Dachshund Rescue, nonprofit 501-c3 groups.  The East Tennessee Dachshund Races Winners will be invited to race at the National Dachshund Races in Ohio in September.       

We do not profit, only the trill of the excitement to watch your Doxie participate in challenging other Dachshunds.  We now include non-doxies and handicapped dogs under 30 pounds!!  Please enjoy yourself at all the events and make sure you and your Doxie/dog stay safe!!!

National Dachshund Races
Toni Gossard founded the National Dachshund Circuit Races in 2001.  The National Dachshund Races are proudly SANCTIONED BY THE I.W.D.R.F (International Wiener Dog Racing Federation) we always look forward to a VERY EXCITING NEW YEAR!!!!  We have circuit races throughout the country that makes The National Dachshund Races the KINGS of all race events.  Our goal is to STOP the poorly ran Dachshund Races that are held in areas of this country that unfortunately are geared for profit and not the safety of our fine companions!  Thank you for being a part of The National Dachshund Races and we look forward to seeing you at all of our events!  Shane MacDougall from “Wiener Takes All” (a dogumentary) supports our fine events.  We are grateful and proud of this!  Quote - “From 2004 to 2007 I shot a documentary about the world of Dachshund racing in America.  Of all the events that I encountered on my journey across the nation, - and I encountered quite a few, Toni Gossard’s stands out as an example of an event where the dog’s health and comfort are a top priority.”  ~Shane MacDougall, Director Wiener Takes All.